House electrical wiring

House electrical wiring

House electrical wiring Kentish Town, NW5

Working on house electrical wiring in Kentish Town, NW5 seems like an immense task. Luckily, our team of professionals can carry it out as smoothly as possible, within a reasonable price and an even better timeframe. As with all our services the price will be determined by the hour, and will depend on the size and complexity of your home electrical wiring system. We also offer no-obligation quotations for large projects in Kentish Town, NW5. This ensures that prices are fair and can slide up and down depending on your needs!

It is always good to know what to expect from household electrical wiring. Here are the answers to some of the top questions you might have on the subject!

Why does your household need electrical wiring in Kentish Town, NW5?

You might have a new house, which simply does not have an electrical system set up yet. In this case, we will design the wiring in a safe and convenient way, and consult you on every step of the way to make sure it fits with the house’s aesthetic concerns.

A more common reason for requiring wiring services is rewiring. This is especially common with older houses, especially ones that are more than thirty years old. In these, you might have situations such as:

– the electric meter suddenly stops working
– Extremely dangerous sparks go off whenever you plug in an electrical appliance
– Strange odours, especially of burn plastic

Often, houses with old electrical wiring systems are true time-bombs: any small inconvenience can lead to a fire. The inhabitants have to be constantly on the watch, careful with all electrical appliances. This is clearly not a liveable situation, and needs immediate professional intervention.

Luckily, since the ’90s, electrical systems are built in safer and more efficient ways, and every year they keep evolving to be better and better. We are always at the forefront of global innovation in electrical wiring, bringing the highest international standards to Kentish Town, NW5.

In this page, we will look at all the relevant aspects of rewiring your house’s electrical system, a true guide with all the information you might need. Do not, however, take it as a do-it-yourself guide: this is an extremely complex operation which requires the presence of professionals for maximum safety and long-lasting results. And on this subject:

Can I do it myself?

No. Attempting to do it yourself in this area can be deadly, in quite a literal sense. Electricity is not easy to handle, and even professionals must be incredibly careful: an electrician’s job presents a wide variety of dangers. It is not worth risking your life in order to save a few thousand pounds.

But the danger of electrical currents that are badly handled is not the only reason to look for professional help. Today, home electrical wiring systems must be built in a way that respects all laws in the sector, and be made by specialized people. The aims of these two standards is to have the certainty of having a truly safe system. Moreover, it is also a way of getting the necessary certifications for bureaucratic reasons.

So, if you don’t know the laws about this sector and you are not a qualified electrician, you should not attempt to wire your house on your own.

What works actually need to be done?

Let us look now at what kind of things our engineers will be getting up to in your Kentish Town, NW5 house.

What we will be doing in case of rewiring an old house is to eliminate completely the old system and substitute it with a new one. A very common practice among electricians, to make the process faster, is to remove the old electric frame, and close existing tubes. However, a better method, though lengthier, is to completely remove all existing tubes (except ones that are under the ground, unless you want to re-do that too), and replace them with new tubes.

This kind of work will require us to break some walls, in order to create electrical connections. This is an important factor to keep in mind: rewiring your house’s electrical system is not only an electrician’s job, but also requires the help of builders.

The second factor to keep in mind is that building works can be quite expensive, and need to be factored in your financial calculations.

Let us then quickly see what kind of things will be done to your house to rewire your electrical system:

Stage 1- demolitions

All power and switching modules will have to be removed. The main body of the system will be traced. Existing tubes and connections will be removed.

Stage 2- Building the electrical wiring system

This includes:
– making plans for new tubes
– installing tubes, junction boxes, power and switching boxes, and electrical frame.
– Closing all open power and switching modules
– Painting, plaster etc.
– Installing the electric frame, as well as switches and plugs
– The ensiling process

The exact sequence of works might be different from the way we have profiled them here.

So, if you decide to stay home during the rewiring of your house, it is possible that you might have to stay without any electricity for some time. It will be necessary to do the job while making sure that some part of the house will still be usable and liveable: talk to us about this, and we will make sure that it is! Although it is good to consider that this will make the job take longer, which also implies higher prices. But it’s worth it for staying home!

A last reflection: In the kitchen, and especially in the toilets, you probably have some tiled walls. Here, you must make a choice: either keeping your old tubes, or changing your walls. If you have some extra tiles lying around, this should not be a problem!

Is this only for homes in Kentish Town, NW5?

No! Our electrical wiring is available to anyone, not just household projects. We have worked with many businesses, schools, hospitals, and government organisations, and are familiar with a wide variety of needs.

We are open 24/7, never charge for call-outs, and have a one-hour emergency response time. So, whether you’re a private person or a business, whether you’ve been planning this for years or just realised your electrical system is faltering, drop us a call! We will give you all the information you need, and plan your house electrical wiring professionally, quickly and safely.

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